Johann is a Greenwich, London and Whitstable based artist.

Using only biros, Johann bridges the gap between the 'Image' and photo-realism to produce distinct and arresting pieces. Photographic restraints have given way to a beautiful interpretation that only a craftsman can create. The photographic detail coupled with the individual craftsmanship, ensure that Johann’s pieces are beautiful, alarming and undeniably his own.

The depth of tone and rich saturation in each of his unique images, brings the subject to us in a deeply haunting and personal way.
With no real modus operandi, his work can come from a quick spur of the moment photo, a thoroughly planned out choreographed idea or a beloved classic photo. With a wide and varied collection of subjects, Lester is always developing new and fresh ideas.
Each piece can take in excess 50 hours over weeks or months he can work on 3 or 4 pieces at a time.